What are some Simple music industry advice concerning communications?

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Being that the music industry stretches far and wide and keeps mostly non-traditional work hours, most lines of communication are kept open through emails and cell phones. People rarely have set office space or even a designated place where they always are so cars become offices and phones are seen as the first lines of contact. So, it is important that you choose a phone that has good reception, works in other parts of the country, is assessable to be answered at all times of the day, and most importantly, it's vital to keep a steady phone number. This may sound like simple music industry advice, but what I've noticed a lot in this industry is artists often changing their phone numbers for personal reasons, not considering the fact that someone they might have exchanged numbers with as far as last year, could be ringing their lines with important news any minute. Due to this economy, I understand phones get disconnected. So I have two suggestions: #1- Keep your social networks (facebook, twitter) current so you can be reached as a last resort and of course, check them often! and #2 get a google voice number, easy to set up and all calls go to your email and most importantly, it never gets disconnected! This may sound like simple music industry advice, but trust me it needs to be said.

Here are a couple more ways you can keep your lines of communication open:

Check Your Voice mails: No matter how annoying this can be, checking voicemails is a part of communication. If someone feels as if what their calling about is important enough to leave a voicemail you should trust that it may also be important to you.

Answer All Calls: Just because you don’t know a number doesn’t mean it cant be somebody important. People kill me saying I’m not answering this number because I don’t know it. Now if you were ON, that would be seen as being different. It could be anybody a fan, a stalker, an angry ex girlfriend. But, when your trying to make it that stalker could be an A&R, that fan could be a label president, and that ex-girlfriend could be a DJ.

Choose the Right Contact Person: I personally know artist who have had their buzz up and have had labels want to sign them but never did so because of their contact person. First impressions are always the best when you have the right person doing it. If you cant afford a manager ask a friend that’s responsible or someone that wants to see you win and wont let a rainy day dictate how they answer the phone and blow your $300k deal.

Contact Information: Make sure your contact information is correct on all of your marketing materials and also try hard to stay consistent with your phone numbers. To many numbers get frustrating to the point where some people just say forget it.

And just to repeat myself, I'm going to say it again: Keep your phone numbers current and in service!

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