What are some of the struggles of obtaining a music career?

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The struggles of obtaining a music career can be a long road that will definitely test your faith in not only yourself but also you're faith in what you're trying to accomplish. Some musicians best music comes from their struggles and life experiences that they have overcame, while others may have been born into the business or was noticed by someone already in the business. There is quite the process of becoming a musician or even a music producer, you have to go through creating your music and then getting your work heard. Some artist go at it by creating a "mix-tape". A mix-tape is where an artist takes the instrumental track and puts his lyrics in place of the original artist lyrics. Most producers create their own sounds while others add their own twist to already created beats. After creating a whole disk the artist then burns their music onto a CD and sells it anywhere from $10-$20. This helps create a buzz about the new artist and depending on how that artist sounds it eventually will lead to creating a demand. The artist may then want to drop off his music at their hometown radio station or local online radio station(if any) to get there music heard. There are many ways of getting heard, you just have to want it. At times it may take a while for the buzz to pick up but its up to the artist determination on how quick their career can pick up. A helpful tool to keep you from the struggles of obtaining a music career would be to make sure you educate yourself on the legalities behind it all. So many young or up and coming artist are getting taken advantage of in the music business. Be your own teacher and keep your friends close and your enemies closer. Everybody in the music business isn't out to get you but be sure that you are aware that there are those out there that are. Obtaining a music career doesn't have to be a struggle, just learn the business and everything you can behind it all and never sell yourself short. I once read that the only way to the possible, is to get through the impossible and never let one person's opinion define who you are. It definitely takes a lot of hard work besides just singing or rapping a song on a track, there is so much that is done behind the scenes that involves the artist outside of the booth. So, if you are an up and coming artist or producer, or if you're considering becoming one, don't be afraid or scared away about stories involving struggling in the music business. You should simply educate yourself and create goals for yourself that a best comfortable with you. Just keep your head up high and sing your hearts out. My wishes to you all and always remember that, when you show you have faith in yourself, then others will have faith in you.

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