What are some of the best Local Bands in Dallas/Fort Worth?

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While in DFW, you may want to go out and see a band, take in a movie, grab a delicious meal, or just grab a adult beverage. Some places in and around our Metroplex allow you to do all of these things at once. However, if just seeing a cool band is what moves you, then here are some recommendations from my lips to your ears.

While Dallas and Fort Worth have an incredible selection of venues, and musicians, there are certain bands and venues which surpass others. For instance, in Fort Worth, Lola's Saloon is the best place to visit if you want to see a larger touring act such as The Reverend Horton Heat, or Local H. Both bands have roots in the Texas scene and draw large audiences which are comfortable in their huge space. The look is grunge rock, dive bar, but the crowds are often mixed giving it a feeling that anyone and everyone is welcome.

Dallas seems to pull some larger acts, as they are the bigger brother to Fort Worth's little but grand sister scene. You would be hard pressed to go out and not find tons of big name acts playing on just about any night of the week. While there, check out the historic Trees bar, and maybe run into a famous person in the process.

While Dallas and Fort Worth both offer a lot of things to do, it doesn't stop with just music. There are places such as the Movie Tavern where you can get a 5 star meal, a beer the size of your head, and a comfortable chair to watch your favorite movie. Barcadia offers old school games like skeeball, and Pac Man to entertain while downing a tasty craft beer and enjoying their amazing food selection.

While there, you are in walking distance from at least 10 other bars where you can catch a band any day of the week, and some of the best for that matter. There are so many local Texas bands that have become large power players in the musical circuit. Texas has inspired songs, musicians, and business owners to create tons of wonderful haunts that satisfy even the pickiest of people. Scat Jazz Lounge has the dimmest lighting in town and some of the best Jazz if that is what you are in to.

It also boasts an elevator which is just plain cool. If you are looking for karaoke where you can be your own band, there are plenty of places for that as well. Sometimes if you want to see Journey, but they aren't in town, you have to take matters into your own hands.

Local Bands in Dallas/Fort Worth are rare gems that people from out of town never even know about unless someone recommends them. This is what I currently do, and would like to do for the rest of my life.

Local Bands in Dallas/Fort Worth are really what, in my humble opinion makes these two cities so great. If you are a native, or just a visitor, please be sure to stop in and take home a little piece of Texas music with you.

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