How do I get more fans for my band on Twitter?

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The media and music industry bloggers love to talk about Twitter. While its true that simply having an account with the world's most used social network will allow you the opportunity to directly interact with fans, follow industry big wigs and hear all the scene gossip, its not true that simply signing up for the service will launch your career from the bar room to the stadium. Twitter's importance is often far overstated to the point where artists neglect more traditional and effective means or promotion (Just to remind you: face time at gigs!).

A lot of artists struggle with Twitter. Back in the days before social networks, micro-blogging, photo-tags and cell phone apps an artist could simply post information about their new project on the web and fans would listen. It was a one way communication- artist to fan. A lot of artists make the mistake of treating social networks as a one way conversation. How many Tweets do you see from fellow artists who forgot to untap "Caps Lock" telling you to go to their gig, their facebook, their youtube and check out their work? Maybe a decade ago shouting about your band would catch someone's attention; however, today? No dice, bucko.

So what does work? Well, first off, remember its a two way conversation. The best and quickest way to get more fans on twitter is to simply put your ego on the shelf and reply to other's tweets. The more you take an interest in your followers the more likely they are to take an interest in you. Sound upside down to you? Well that's Web 2.0. For better or worse (better, in my opinion) listeners expect conversation with artists, to feel part of their lives and careers. So pay attention to your stream and when something strikes you as funny, interesting or insightful? Send a reply. Just you wait- eventually you'll even be having conversations with your fans! A fan who you've had a two minute twitter conversation with is more likely to tell their friends about your band than a fan who you've ignored. You don't have to reply to every comment every fan makes- but do take an interest.

Musicians also struggle with Twitter because they simply don't know what to post. The pressure to plug their new EP, new demo track, next gig or talk about their band is overwhelming- I mean that's what we did in the last decade! A post about a new song is interesting to a die hard fan of yours- but what about the rest of them? Most people didn't sign up for twitter to be advertised to. Most people signed up to twitter for amusement and socialization. Do your part- use your twitter like anyone else. Post about your daily grind, funny phrases you heard on the street or anything else personal or interesting. Think of the type of posts you enjoy, you retweet. Most importantly, think of posts which invite conversation even if they have nothing to do with music.

If you read your fans posts, take part in conversations and make tweets that followers would want to reply to then you'll have more fans on twitter. Its not easy, and its not quick- but nothing about a music career ever is.

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