How do I become a successful musician?

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What does it take to become a successful musician? How do you recognize music trends and get your music on the billboard charts? The evolution of music trends is an imperative part to the success of it and how to become a successful musician.

Part of evolving is understanding where you've come from in order to understand where you're going. In some regards music can be defined as cyclical. Recently, we have heard an onslaught of variations we have already heard before. For example, the emphasis of an electronic presence conjures up memories of the 80's. The influence has even bled over to fashion with artists such as LMFAO donning bright fluorescent clothes with flipped up hats an thick rimmed glasses. Music evolves and as an artist if you are lucky you can pick up on the trend and become a success.

The billboard charts are always a strong indication of where we stand as a society musically. As of September 29, 2011 Pearl Jam is among the top ten. (, 2011) Concurrently, it is also the 20th anniversary of Nirvana's wildly successful album 'Nevermind'. We are in transitionary moment with music and the next wave will be grunge.

Grunge has had a long life and can be defined as a "subgenre of alternative rock that emerged in the late 1980's." (, 2011) Is it a coincidence that we are emerging out of a 1980's phase right now? Maybe, maybe not. Grunge has expanded as the years have progressed but still hasn't been the same since the 1990's. As an artist I would look deeply into these trends and take notes. A long music career for an artist might be a dream but if the band knows where music is going it may be easier to score a successful hit with the help of a few history lessons.

In addition to being able to "read" the music industry an artist must be able to adapt to the technological advances and thrive with them. Part of that is creating a solid Internet fan base. Facebook and Twitter are two of the most powerful and popular tools on the Internet. If one is to be successful it is imperative to have a solid foundation on both websites. Not only is it a tool for the fans but it is a great marketing tool as well. For example, Facebook offers an easy way to put your bands banners on a demographic that you choose for a low cost. It is an investment that may be a wise move in order to get recognized.

Furthermore, a band should be able to put on a good show. A rock band especially should have a strong and powerful show. Being the best musician you can be is part of having a long career in the entertainment industry. Coupled with a good amount of business and common sense it is a great start to a fruitful career. The last thing I will leave you with is the ability to network. More often than not a band "knows" someone who got them to the position they are in. With strong networking skills and a strong foundation you can't go wrong.

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