How can musicians avoid some of the current difficulties in the music industry?

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The music industry has always been a tough industry to really break into. With the rise of the competition and with such large amounts of illegal music downloading, we've only seen an increase in the amount of difficulties in the music industry. Musicians that are just starting out have a hard time creating a fan base. With numerous other new bands on the scene, how do you stand out above everyone else competing for the audience? Social media has made it a lot easier to reach a larger amount of people on a smaller budget. Yet with the decline of people using Myspace, musicians have had to find alternate ways to sharing their music with new listeners. New websites such as SoundCloud and BandCamp provide musicians with a free website to send new potential fans to, in order to share their music. Reverbnation is also a key website to join in order to start off your music career and avoid some of the difficulties in the music industry.

And of course with the rise of Facebook, it provides musicians with a page they can not only send fans to, but can also use to keep in connect with fans. Twitter has also become a critical social media site for musicians. It not only allows you to connect with fans, but it also easily allows them to share your band with other people. Staying connected on social media sites is very time consuming, but eventually it will show results. There is no better way to allow your fans to stay up to date on your new music, new show dates and new projects.

I believe one of the key ways to avoid some of the difficulties in the music industry is to constantly be networking. Just like any other area in the entertainment industry, it's critical for you to consistently be meeting and introducing yourself to other people in your industry. Networking can result in new opportunities, new fans, new shows and new outlooks. The music industry is constantly changing and the best way to stay up to date on all the new trends is to talk to other people. I've witnessed networking provide new musicians with amazing opportunities such as meeting executives in new record labels, provide them with events to introduce their music to new people, and being a part of numerous non profit charities.

In the end, it all comes down to how much work and time you put into your music career. Hard work pays off, it's true especially in this industry. It is rarely an over night success type of thing in this industry. The more time you spend on reaching out on social media sites, reaching out to meet new people and spreading your music, the faster your music career will really start to take off. The best way to avoid the difficulties in the music industry is to stop focusing so much on the possible difficulties and put all your focus into reaching more listeners and gaining more opportunities.

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