How do make my dream of being a pop singer come true?

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My best advice is to keep learning about music - and to make your dreams known to your parents and others. Start small, it is not an easy process to learn to play an instrument and to sing. Otherwise everybody would be doing it! You will need to be patient, and practice often. Also, practice often! Ask for an inexpensive acoustic guitar for a birthday or holiday - and learn a few songs to start. There are plenty of videos and pages online teaching you basic technique and how to play famous songs. If you are still liking it by that time - consider paying for weekly lessons.

You shouldn't worry too much about how people will react to it - just be yourself. (This is certainly easier said than done, and many artists struggle with it) If your mother thought that you were joking it was probably only because it was the first time you have mentioned it. Keep it up, and she'll begin to take you seriously.

If you listen to the radio - sing along! Don't be afraid of what others think of it, and don't be ashamed to sing in front of other people. In fact, this was the most difficult thing for me to do while I was learning. It can be very difficult to get in front of people and perform - but you have to swallow your pride, close your eyes, and just do it.

If you are certain that you would like to become a musician, have you considered going to school for music? There are many highschool and college level programs that are meant specifically for music education. You could have a performance major (for singing) or a more general musical education background that you can apply to your dreams in whichever way you like.

As a singer, you will need to master the major scale first - it is the basis for most pop music, such as that of Justin Beiber. If you haven't heard of this scale, look it up, listen to it, and learn to sing it by memory. Many people know this scale without knowing its name. If you know the song 'Do-Re Mi' from the Sound of Music, then you know the major scale.

Technique will come with practice, and you will need to practice a lot to become a professional singer. Be aware of the commitment, be patient, and don't worry about what others think! Good luck!

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