What's the future for the entertainment industry?

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Entertainment is one of earth's rarest entities, because it crosses all of man's cultural and economic barriers. For instance, countless entertainers have affected people's lives in some form or fashion through a touching song, memorable rendition, or award winning performance in a movie. In fact, entertainments such as music and film are entrenched so deep in our mainstream, that much of them are applied to nearly every facet of our lives. From third world national anthems, to "American idols" who sing during their morning showers; to the professional choreographed stage shows of high society, entertainment saturates our very existence. But, how often do we ask where is the entertainment industry heading?

I was born in the late 60s, so sometimes I catch myself in amazement with the technological advancements of the TV and music industry in 2011. When I look back, it was merely decades ago when I was playing bulky 8-track and Beta tapes on my parent's decks, and today, VHS and cassette tapes are virtually ancient to any person born in the 21st century. Even more so, the CD is slowly being replaced by flash drives, MP3 players, and hard drive recorders, so in my opinion, as long as technology continues to improve, entertainment will keep entering new phases. And since it seems like everyone is making their own movie videos and music CDs on home computers these days, where the entertainment industry goes next is anyone's guess!

The entertainment industry is comprised primarily of three entities, motion pictures, fine arts, and music. As you all know, motion pictures are often referred to as movies, films, or "the big screen." This last born of the entertainment industry only arrived a little over a century ago, but it is by far the most profitable entertainment on average. Fine arts has been part of our fabric since primitive man became civilized. This visual aspect of entertainment involves any form of expressionism with regard to physical creativity, and can include, painting, sculpting, dance or live entertainment. Lastly, music is most likely the oldest of the three types of entertainment. I do say that with reservation, because history shows that fine arts have gone hand in hand with music in many cases. Music is complex because it is basically any aural assembly created by man to communicate sounds, which could include the utilization of human vocal chords, as well as instruments to formulate harmonic tones.

The entertainment industry is essential to mankind's welfare, because it acts much like a sociological glue that keeps our mainstream cohesive by occupying our mental being with activities. Not only can entertainment supply us with fun beyond our wildest dreams, it can also provide us an escape from the harsh realities of life. In closing, the world has many gifts to offer, but without entertainment I don't believe our planet would have survived this long! Today, the digital world is the driving force behind these three important resources, so be prepared for what the entertainment industry brings to our eyes and ears in the near future.

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