How does one begin the journey of finding melodic therapy?

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There are many trends surfacing today that promote reaching the ultimate nirvana in personal development. Yoga, Pilates, Online networking, etc. However, there is a universal language that every single human being speaks and it comes in a melodic form. The first step in this therapy is to tap into the instrument that speaks to you. In the meantime I will use this short article to discuss examples of finding Melodic Therapy and encourage you to embark on your own musical journey.

If you do not play an instrument already I would like to suggest a Saturday afternoon activity for you and a friend to try together. Head to your local music store and pick up every single instrument they have available. Keep in mind that if the original instrument that you choose does not end up being the one that you stick with, it's ok. You will benefit from every single second spent playing any instrument. They all work as a family and there is something to be learned from every type. I personally played violin for 2 years until I picked up the guitar and realized that it can naturally boost my serotonin level unlike anything else. The years spent playing the violin set me up for the precision and patience that it takes to play the guitar efficiently.

So you finally find "the one", the instrument that you think is going to get the right side of your brain functioning at max capacity. But weeks have gone by and nothing is even close to resembling a melody as of yet. The question is posed "How to tap into Melodic Therapy", and what to keep in mind. Remember, ANYTHING worth ANYTHING in life is going to take time. Take the 2 minute approach and promise yourself you will practice for at least 2 minutes each day. There are many things in life that we as humans do because we have to. We have responsibilities in life that have to be tended to right? Well give yourself the ability to escape all that and slowly enter a world of pure euphoria.

There is an instrument out there that speaks to you I promise. It's either vocal, string, percussion, brass, or electronic. But it is out there. My very favorite quote is from the world famous sculptor Michelangelo in which he says, "Every block of stone has a statue inside of it and it is the task of the sculptor to discover it". There is a musician in all of us and it is our task to discover what instrument will set him or her free. Your journey in finding Melodic Therapy will work as a natural stimulant and a helpful tool, allowing you to tap into new and exciting social experiences.

This universal language, once spoken will create everlasting bonds with those you encounter. The natural unfolding of your creative senses will amaze not only yourself, but those close to you. So the next time you think about doing something special for yourself. Free the musician inside of yourself.

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