How do you make a music website?

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When you make a music website, it takes some planning to be effective. Important points to consider when making a website to promote your music include the design, the hosting and the domain. It is also important to decide whether the site will be a sales site meant to sell the music, a promotional site meant to promote a music group, or both.

Making a good music site starts with having a good domain. The domain name is the address people type into the browser to reach a music site. Having the right domain can help you get higher search engine rankings than other musicians who work in your genre. If you are a local musician who performs paid gigs in town, you can benefit greatly from being the first band that comes up in the search engine when people are looking for a band. For instance, a band that plays blues gigs in Eugene, Oregon might benefit from a domain name like If your band is well-known enough to have people searching for the band's name, it is better to make the domain name the band's name, rather than an explanation of what they do.

When selling music on a website, there are two main things to consider: the design, and how you are selling the music. Many music sites allow a musician to automatically distribute and sell music online through a variety of online music sites just by paying a small fee. Other musicians choose to go independent, selling music downloads or CDs online with payment via online payment systems like Paypal. Leaning on another music sales site when you make a music website does take some initial investment, but it can save you a lot of time by automating tasks that a musician would otherwise have to do on her own, like payment and shipping.

When designing a music site, one important thing to do is to be kind to the customers. Annoying features like flash movies or music that automatically plays when you load the site can cause people to automatically close the site without giving it a second chance. To keep customers buying, make a music website that is simple, easy to navigate and free of any unwanted interactions with automatic media. Make sure your potential listeners can get to a short biography, some music samples and the checkout process without having to search for the links on your site. Try out the website on a few different browsers to ensure everything displays and works properly. Remember that every musician is competing for web attention and buyers, so making the process as smooth as possible will increase music sales.

Finally, ensure that you give your fans some way to contact you and network with other fans. If you are comfortable interacting with them directly, you can include an email address. If you would rather communicate in a group, put a forum on your website to give your fans a place to chat about your music.

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