Why Are The Legends of Classic Rock Music Still The Country's Top-Grossing Live Acts?

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According to a recent study, 40% of the top-grossing musical shows in the United States feature stars who are over 60 years old; in fact, 96% of these major venues are fronted by performers who are over 40 years old!

While these numbers may stun – or, in fact, disputed by - many fans of today’s music, they’re actually not surprising.

There is a correlation between the apparent surge of interest in classic rock music and the desire for relief from the economic desperation found in today’s mainstream America.

In today’s society, people are seeking structure in their lives; with the increasing reliance upon electronic gadgetry destroying family settings and fears of job loss in workers’ minds, we favor anything that can offer that feeling of structure.

Unlike the sometimes-cacophonous sounds that blare from our stereos in the name of rock, the classic rock songs had a specific structure to them. Many of the hits would follow a “verse/chorus/bridge/chorus/verse” styling, and we became comfortable with its dependability.

In the turbulent political climate that seems to worsen with every day, we feel as though we have no serious leadership. Various members of Congress counter plans offered by the President, often bringing a stalemate in the leadership in national issues. In classic rock, each song had a specific lead singer, or “front person” to direct the piece to its desired impact. We felt relieved that we could depend on that singer to present the song in a pleasantly-familiar style.

Classic rock music also had lyrics that could be understood and, often, mirrored our own personal situations. While we hear screamed or indecipherable lyrics in today’s music, we know that we can turn to the “classic rock” hits for understandable ones – lyrics to which, often, we can relate on a personal level.

Of course, seeing some of the legends of rock music, whether it be Sir Paul McCartney, Sir Elton John or U2, brings not only a tremendous respect for their contribution to music but also an appreciation by realizing that they worked hard to attain their musical goals. In today’s internet-based world, there are so many ways for new acts to gain a measure of success – ways that were not available in the twenty years between 1960 and 1980. Thus, we remind ourselves that, despite the complexity of today’s world – whether in music, politics or everyday life –, the ones who work the hardest and have tremendous faith in themselves and their endeavors will be the ones whose success passes the test of time.

But, above all, the music is plainly up-beat and fun to hear. Whether it’s a song that acts recorded twenty years ago or a live version of it played by the original artist today, each tune evokes our sentimentality as well as bolsters our emotions.

And, in the midst of the backlash felt by decisions made around us, we need something to positively boost our morale. Thus, more people are flocking to experience live performances by the legends of rock music.

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