What is the best way for a drummer to start a band with a singer/songwriter, guitarist and bassist?

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The best way for a drummer to start a band with a singer/songwriter, guitarist and bassist is to form a group with your friends. Your friends are always the answer. The problem is, not everyone has a friend who is an amazing guitar player, another friend who is the makings of a legendary singer/songwriter, and a competent bassist to complete the rhythm section.

So at that point what do you do? Many aspiring musicians resort to using Craigslist and other band member websites. I have attempted to use bandmate finder websites myself and never had any such luck. It's difficult to find bandmates on a site that just doesn't provide enough profiles for musicians in your area.

Craigslist is always better than attempting to use any band site. The bandmate finder sites usually require some sort of fee and because of this, just not enough musicians join. And isn't it a little weird anyways? It's almost like you are finding a new online date or something searching through profiles. It seems unnecessary based on the fact that you know you will have to get to know this potential bandmate anyways and a lot more can just be figured out in person, and a lot more could be done in less time through a Craigslist ad. I would recommend just using Craigslist because it's free, which means it's free for others and there's more likely to be more musicians in your area that way.

Speaking from personal experience, I can say that every aspiring bassist, drummer, singer/songwriter, guitarist, whatever you play, should look into Craigslist for filling out the lineup. Either way, it will teach you a lot about people and the pros and cons of having musicians that you don't know personally in the band. Depending on what city you are in, especially bigger cities like NYC for example, it will always provide for an interesting encounter and teach you not only more about yourself and others and music, but about life itself. You'll really start to evaluate and understand what personal and professional qualities you are searching for in bandmates.

Still, the best way for a drummer and any other instrument to start a full band is to attempt to find friends. If you can't find friends, use Craigslist or even attempt to go out to bars and social events to make friends, because that can sometimes have a better result than even Craigslist. Always remember, as a drummer you usually already have a practice space to play which gives you the advantage of starting a group or finding one sooner than the bassist, the guitarist or the singer/songwriter.

Even if you don't currently have a space, you still have the advantage against the other instruments when searching for a band because there are more of them looking for the drummer, than drummers looking for them. It may be more beneficial in the end to consider teaching your close friends who you already know and who preferably agree on the sound you are going for, the instruments you are missing to complete your project.

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