How do I find a musician for my band?

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Adding to a local band can be a long, tedious process. First there is finding the proper talent. If an individual does not meet the talent of the other members in the band, friction is likely to ensue. Then there is the location of the potential band member. Often, someone may possess the necessary talent but live too far away to put the effort and gas money into traveling to a designated practice area. The most important part of creating a local band, however, is compatibility. Often, musicians will agree on a particular band member based on talent and location but fail to implement a short test-run to ensure that all band members mesh together properly.

Finding Local Musicians

There are many ways to find a musician. Often, word of mouth is enough to find a shredding guitarist or alto singer. Many local bands break up regularly, leaving a plethora of bassists, drummers and keyboardists itching to find another group. When looking for a local musician, start by asking around. Put flyers in the local grocery store and laundromat. This can often aid the prospective band searchers in determining the level of talent, locality and personality of the prospective musician from the beginning.

Online Musician Forums

There are numerous online sites, including, that musicians can join for free and search for other musical talent. Other online options include sites like, which offers a section for services. These types of sites allow musicians to place a post for a “wanted” musician as well as search for musicians who have previously posted and are looking to join a band. There are positive and negatives to online musician searches. One of the main positives of a site like is the number of musicians that can be reached. The user can also narrow down the perimeters of their search to a certain location. This may lead to the illusion of a guaranteed match, but the downfall is that there is no way to know the musician’s personality and how they might possibly fit in with other band members.

Musician Trail Period

Whether a musician comes highly recommended from a friend or is found online or through a flier, always put the new band member on a trail period. The trial period will serve two purposes. First, the existing band needs to determine the true talent of the musician. Just because a guitarist claims to play like Slash does not mean that he can perform the same. The second reason for the trail period is to make sure that all the band members can get along on an acceptable level.

In the music industry, egos can be very volatile. Music is an art, and the band as a whole will be either creating or re-creating music and this can get very personal at times. Forming a band is like choosing a group of friends. If the new member frequently cannot come to agreements on song selection or how a particular song should be played, then maybe he needs to be in a different band. Be sure that the trial run includes a performance, if possible. There is nothing worse than rehearsing for months just to have a member get stage fright. It is not enough to find a musician. It's about finding the right musician.

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